November 4 – Kirtan and Goat Yoga Experience

November 4th – Kirtan and Goat Yoga Experience

Come on down to Nadeau Farm for this unique fundraiser to benefit this wonderful Livestock Rescue Farm!!!

It’s the Dave Russell Kirtan & Nadeau Farm Goat Yoga Experience!!

We kick it off with an hour long Gentle Goat Yoga Class followed by a Feeding Time Tour & then it’s Kirtan time!!!!!

What is Kirtan???

Kirtan is an energetic group experience of live music, melodic mantra & singing! You can just chill or be an active participant!It’s all good!!!


2:30 Goat Yoga Class!
3:30 Feeding Time Tour!
4:00 Kirtan!!

4:00 Kirtan only!

Tickets for Kirtan and Goat Yoga can be purchased here

Tickets for Kirtan only (no goat yoga) can be purchased here


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